Our Story

✨🥰 Our Story 🥰✨

At BubbleBearCo, we believe in the power of creativity to inspire and uplift. We are committed to creating high-quality products that spark joy, encourage self-expression, and celebrate life's moments, big and small. My journey began with me (the shop owner, Bee) as a young child burdened with numerous responsibilities and facing adversity. I battled anxiety, depression, and ADHD, and some days, it felt like I couldn't continue anymore. The stress was overwhelming, and it seemed like time was slipping away with a never-ending to-do list. I started with a simple to-do list on a blank sheet of paper, then moved to the planner given in school, and finally, my journal planner. This journal planner (aka bullet journal) became my creative outlet; I added doodles and colors using washi and watercolor to make looking at my upcoming week more fun. Many of my doodles were of a sweet and silly bear that eventually became Bubble Bear. Drawing Bubble Bears in my planner was a way of expressing myself and motivating myself with my art. I started sharing my planner spreads on Instagram as a freshman in high school. By the time I was 17, with limited resources and a plan, I had opened my Etsy shop, and BubbleBearCo was born! I am so grateful for all the friends I continue to meet through the planning community on social media and my shop. You all inspire me to continue my journey of growing my shop. 🥹🧸🥰✨
✨🥰 I look forward to packing your happy mail and seeing the magic you create with BubbleBearCo! 🥰✨

~ Bee 🥰✨

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